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Book in advance or you will miss out.

I will be taking extra time off this year so you will need to be super organised with your bookings.

Opening Hours:

Monday- Friday: 8am to 3pm

Dates Closed

7th - 14th April 2023

17th - 31st August 2023

30th Nov - 10th December 2023 (maybe)

11th - 15th December 2023

23rd December 2023 - 8th January 2024

29th February- 14th March 2024

If you would like me to pre book the year for you, please look online at availability and send a text and I will schedule for you. (Only available for my faithful clients who always show up )

If you’ve ever missed an appointment or cancelled with late notice, you will need to book online yourself and pay the booking fee.

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