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By Wolters, Richard A.

"Family Dog" is: The first book written for any member of the family from six to sixty who wants to train a dog fast to be a family dog and not a neighborhood pest. The first book written where a six-year-old child does the training to show just how easy the job is. The first book written as a parent's guide. Over 200 pictures in chronological step-by-step sequences show the child how to train and take the responsibility of a dog. The first book written in this field with scientific information on the mental development of a dog. Wolters shows how a dog is completely trained by the time it's sixteen weeks old. The section on dog care and medical advice is not intended to have you take the place of the veterinarian, but it will help you to know the major dog problems and allow the trainer to play cook, chambermaid, barber, nurse and friend. It's written with humor - it's fun.

Family Dog 16 Weeks to a Well-Mannered Dog : a Simple and Time-Proven Method

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