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Large Long Pin Slicker

Pro-Grooming Brush

The Large Long Pin Slicker from the Plush Puppy Blue Brush range achieves amazing results of optimising the finish to both long and dense coats while being extremely gentle during use.

It is ideal for abolishing loose hair, de-matting and deep brushing with intensive coat separation and finish.

The extra-long pins are designed with a bend to create mega lift and movement.

These pins also allow you to pick up more coat with each brush stroke.

The large brush size with its ultra-soft flexible cushion is ergonomically designed with a soft cushioned handle for reducing arm and hand fatigue.

It offers great flex and cushioning for a softer effect while brushing your Show Dogs or pets.

The Large long Pin Slicker is comfortably lightweight with an ideal balance of longer slicker pins.

Perfect for show dogs, professional salons and use on companions. This brush is perfect for Poodles, Bichons, Shih Tzu’s, Lhasa’s and many mixed breeds.

The best brush for maximum results and finish with minimal time and effort. Exclusive to Plush Puppy.

Key Benefits:

Engineered pins to ensure comfort

Longer pins with bend to create mega lift and movement

Flexible and gentle cushion with secured pins

Ergonomic soft cushioned handle

Lightweight and easy to use

124mm x 80mm Mega sized brush head

Large Long Pin Slicker Pro-Grooming Brush

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